Swanee Hunt Alternatives

Swanee Hunt Alternatives is a two-generation family foundation based in Cambridge, MA founded by Ambassador Swanee Hunt. The programs she leads bring daring goals, innovative practices, and extraordinary talent to some of the world’s most complex and injurious challenges.

Teal Media began working with Swanee Hunt Alternatives in 2015 on website designs for two of the foundation’s programs: LatinasRepresent and ARTWorks for Kids. That work then led to a more expansive partnership, including a visual rebrand of the organization and a full website redesign for Swanee Hunt.

“We’ve retained (Teal) repeatedly for projects over the past three years due to their diligence, creativity, and high level of service. Throughout, they have been outstanding designers; great practical communicators, both about the products and the process; responsive in making changes or updates, sometimes in the face of unexpected requests; and technical experts…I appreciate the friendly, collaborative, can-do nature of their approach.”

Maria Daniels

Swanee Hunt Alternatives

A New Visual Identity

Prior to engaging Teal on the visual identity work, the foundation changed their name from “Hunt Alternatives” to “Swanee Hunt Alternatives.” They wanted to focus on the personal story and mission of Ambassador Hunt to anchor the story of the foundation. Knowing this, Teal immediately set to learn as much as possible about Swanee, her life, and her work. We even toured her Boston area home to get a sense of her personal visual aesthetic.

“Ambassador Swanee Hunt is a strong, dynamic, serious, and caring person with a deep well of experience and commitment. Much of the visual identity process was about understanding her life and work so the foundation’s brand would reflect those same characterics.”

Aruna Mall

Creative Director, Teal Media

We kicked off our work with a Visual Identity Workshop, where we led the foundation staff through a series of exercises to define the visual language of their brand. Three key words emerged as essential to Ambassador Hunt and the greater organization: Global, Pioneer, and Disruption.

We then worked with the foundation team to figure out how to best visualize these words. We brainstormed both literal and abstract symbols and focused our attention on the ideas that generated the most energy and excitement in the room. For the term Global the team liked the idea of a tapestry of patterns—diverse but interconnected. The term Pioneer brought forth ideas around vision, seeing, and eyes. Finally, Disruption generated concepts of a spark or lightning, like an idea flaming to life.

Building from these ideas from the workshop, we then began designing the visual identity for the organization.

We started with the logo design. In addition to designing the main organizational logo, we needed to design logos for each individual foundation program. The logos needed to work together as family–be visually connected and use a consistent style.

We explored a variety of concepts to start.

A clear ‘winner’ emerged–the “spark in the pioneer’s eye” concept.

Once a logo concept was selected, refined and finalized, we begin building out the rest of the visual identity. For the color palette, we drew inspiration directly from Ambassador Hunt’s home and her personal art collection. Strategically, we decided that the main Swanee Hunt Alternatives logo should encompass the entire multi-color, eclectic palette and each individual foundation program would adopt a primary individual color. This furthered the symbolism of the main organizational being made up of the individual programs. To support the vivid and intricate style of the logo, we chose a clean, simple and strong typeface which also reflected the seriousness of the foundation’s work.

We then compiled all of our work into a brand book for the organization. This guide helps foundation staff manage and maintain the visual brand.

The New Visual Identity at Work

With the brand book in hand, we then set out to put the new visual identity to work. Some of our first projects include Ambassador Hunt’s personal website and a series of print pieces for Inclusive Security, one of the foundation’s programs.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the website! I smiled the entire time I was paging through it... it is so personal and creative and expressive of who Swanee is and her amazing contributions. It draws me to her as a viewer and really positions her as an important and influential figure. Such a different experience from what existed previously. The milestones section is really great...Congrats! Awesome work!”

Craig Bida

in response to Swanee’s new website

“We want to thank you guys - everyone oohs and ahhs when they see the report.”

Shereen Hall

Inclusive Security

Teal’s partnership with Swanee Hunt Alternatives continues to this day. We are on-call to help with new projects and to add capacity when their team needs strategy, design, and development support. Our goal is to help Swanee Hunt Alternatives get the ‘biggest bang for their budget’ so they can focus their efforts on protecting, encouraging, and advancing women’s rights in the United States and around the world.

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