The AFL-CIO is the umbrella federation for U.S. unions, with 56 unions representing 12.5 million working men and women. The AFL-CIO endeavors to ensure that all people who work receive the rewards of their work — decent paychecks and benefits, safe jobs, respect, and fair treatment.

However, the AFL-CIO is facing many challenges – support for unions is on the decline and participation in unions is waning. The AFL-CIO knew they had to address these issues head-on, and initiated a year-long strategic change effort. With a firm foundation of guiding principles, including a messaging framework in place, the AFL-CIO knew it needed a strong visual identity web presence to match. That’s when they turned to Teal.

A Refreshed Visual Identity

Teal Media kicked off this effort with an intense discovery period, consisting of in-depth research and a series of workshops and interviews. The goal of the workshop was to convene a dialogue about the organization’s visual brand, audience perception, and business goals with senior stakeholders from across the organization.

Through a number of exercises and activities, we were able to derive the core themes and attributes for the organizational brand. We then explored different ways color, typography, imagery, and composition could come together to convey the “essence” of the brand. The workshop resulted in a report of recommendations for the visual identity direction for the AFL-CIO.

A New Website to Match

We then set our sights on crafting a new website for the AFL-CIO. Through our various discovery meetings, we agreed that the website must:

Effectively tell a unified, cohesive story of AFL-CIO so that working Americans feel that unions are relatable, relevant, reliable, and essential to improving the lives of working families and bringing fairness and dignity to the workplace.

Throughout the next few months, we worked collaboratively with the AFL-CIO team to meet this challenge. Here’s how we transformed the website:

Our design solution also includes:

  • Custom infographics and illustrations that highlight the AFL-CIO’s strength of membership and showcase evidence of the AFL-CIO’s impact
  • A “What Unions Do” storytelling page that explains what unions are, the benefits of joining a union, how unions work, and the issues and rights that unions fight for
  • An “Organize Your Workplace” section that gives union members the tools and information they need to understand their rights and organize on the ground
  • A “What We Care About” landing page that showcases all of the issues that the AFL-CIO fights for everyday to improve the lives of working Americans
  • A robust “Take Action” page where working Americans can take matters into their own hands

“[The site] is beautiful...It really is. When we presented it...last week, there was applause. Genuine applause. Thank you for your vision and fantastic work that was critical in bringing this site to life.”

Dennis Loney

Website Editor, AFL-CIO

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